When #lovewins So Do Future Generations

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitution guarantees the right of same-sex couples to be married.  All over social media, profile pictures changed to the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ flag.  People celebrated and declared it a great day for America.  It is a bright shining moment because it means that people can, according to the law of the land, love whomever they choose.  It is a moment that people who had been denied the rights of married couples should celebrate.  They saw that #lovewins in the United States in their lifetime.  For so many young people struggling to be accepted for who they are, it is proof that in this country they have the right to be treated with dignity.  It is a ray of hope that shines through ignorant hatred.  For future generations, it is even more.

Future generations of Americans will be born into a country where their right to love anyone and to benefit equally will just exist.  They won’t know any other way.  They won’t grow up asking for the same rights as a married men and women.  They probably won’t believe it was any other way.

I am reminded of the first time I watched a movie about the Holocaust with my children.  They couldn’t believe that humans could treat each other that way.  Then we watched a movie about slavery in America and they were appalled.  They shook their heads at documentaries about civil rights and couldn’t comprehend people turning hoses on people who were just asking to be treated equally.  They grew up with two working parents and couldn’t relate to a time when women were not allowed to even vote.

The babies born now and in the future will simply know that anyone who is in love can marry.  They can marry and be next of kin at a hospital.  They can be “married filing jointly” and share tax and insurance benefits.  The children of the future will shake their heads at a time when being in love was a debate and people had to fight the LGBTQ inequality in the law.

As this government takes a giant leap forward in cultural awareness, diversity and acceptance, may we all work to educate the people who need to know that children are born straight or gay or lesbian or transgender.  They do not have a choice.  We do.  We can choose that #lovewins and we let people find the American dream which, when you peel away the layers, is happiness that comes from self-acceptance.
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