Searching for People Happy About Autumn

Could the Facebook posts possibly be more depressing?   No wonder going back to school is viewed with such negativity.  Parents are so melancholy.  Yes, summer brings a measure of freedom and invigorating weather,  but autumn has its benefits, too.   We merely need to be sure to schedule time for fall fun.  That’s right.  The fun doesn’t end because it is September 1.  Take out your calendar and look for days with free time.  Write these activities on those days:
  • Go to the beach or the mountains or the park.  Autumn brings the best weather for being outside.  It won’t be as hot and humid.  As someone who lives near the ocean, I have always loved going to the shore in the fall far more than in the summer.  There are no crowds.  We can walk in the sand in peace.  We also enjoy riding to the mountains with their beautiful colors.
  • Find the changing leaves.  Plan an excursion to see the fall foliage.  Even if you are too busy to plan a whole day out, be sure to notice the beautiful colors in your travels.  Stop the car and really notice nature.  It is going to be so beautiful.
  • Take the family to the orchards.  Apple picking, pumpkin picking and all sorts of harvests abound in the autumn.  Hayrides and corn mazes should be advertised soon.  Many places have tables or parks nearby so you can make a day of it.

As you ensure that you will have family time for fun activities, remember to talk to your children about the exciting new school year.  They will see old friends and make new ones.  They will grow, mature and add to their knowledge.  Their extra-curricular activities will be back in full swing.   With every ending, there is a new beginning.  That is true of our change of seasons, too.  Bring on the flocks of migrating birds, the squirrels looking for nuts and the piles of leaves to jump into.  And someone, please, get on Facebook and start a trend of looking forward to something happy about the rhythm of a steady routine and the fun times that still await us.


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