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Should Your Child Repeat Pre-K? Tips for Making a Difficult Decision

“Should this child repeat the Pre-K year before moving on to kindergarten?”It is a question that sometimes is asked by early childhood teachers and other times by parents, particularly when a child’s birthday is near the kindergarten cutoff date for enrollment.In the United States, children are eligible for kindergarten in the public school when they are 5 years old but there is a wide range of entrance eligibility dates within that 5 year old year.If you go to the Education Commission of the United States website, you will see that entrance eligibility dates vary by state and, in some cases, within states when the decision is made by individual districts.The entrance cutoff date where you live is rather random but your child’s readiness is not.
Deciding whether to enroll a child or recommend a child for an additional year of pre-kindergarten is not easy.This decision is should not be taken lightly because it can impact the experience the child will have for the next 12 years. While an…

Why Are We Teaching Children to Hate? Political Reactions Gone Awry

I have strong feelings about the current political situation in the United States and I am grateful to live in a nation where I can express them. There is Freedom of Speech. It needs to be protected even when we don’t like what we hear.We all have the right to speak and we all have the right to march, peacefully protest and join with others who are like minded.I think it is wonderful for children to see adults standing up for what they believe to be right and good.That is, however, very different from having our children see us hate and sanctioning their use of hate language. Young children under the age of 5 are saying, “I hate Trump” and “Obama is stupid.”I have heard elementary school students say, “The people who vote that way are idiots.”
These young people are repeating what they hear. I have seen people on both sides of the political spectrum post mean, name calling insults about each other on social media.
There is a terrifying lack of decency and respect for our fellow citizens…

When to Honor a Child’s Declaration of “No!”

“No!” is a favorite word of early learners.They declare, “No!” as soon as they are able.They don’t even need to say it with words to communicate it.Young children will say no with their bodies.You want to go out and they sit down.You want to sit and they run.You take them to run and they sit.“No” is the most powerful word they know and they use it often.There are times when it isn’t possible to honor their “No!” but there are times when we absolutely should:
“No!” cannot be honored when: Their health is at risk.  There is a difference between refusing to take necessary medicine and refusing to wear gloves. A child who refuses medicine, immunizations or cleansing of a wound that could be infected, for example, is taking a risk that can cause serious illness.  It was long ago proven that colds and other viruses are not related to the weather.  They are passed from one person to another through the spread of germs.  If a child refuses gloves or even a coat, they can learn the natural conse…