Is It Still True That #lovewins?

Two years ago, I wrote the article “When #lovewins So Do Future Generations.  The US Supreme Court had ruled that the Constitution guarantees the right of same-sex couples to be married.  For so many Americans, it was a day filled with hope and admiration for a more understanding and compassionate world than the one in which we were raised.  It was a sign that we were evolving, progressing and becoming a more accepting world.

Is that still true?  Two years later, we seem more polarized with people to the far right and far left with no way or desire to come together.  We struggle to discern fact from “alternative fact” and to remember that an “alternative fact” is fiction.  We are like those early learners who cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality because we are bombarded with the strangest mix of both.  In two years, have we changed so much or are we seeing that which we didn’t want to see? 

I spend a lot of time with young children. They do not see differences in a negative way.  They know that there are differences between people. They will point out who is tall and who is short.  They talk about who goes to dance or who is good at sports.  They tell us who lives just with Mommy or Daddy or who has 2 Mommies or 2 Daddies.  Our conversations are non-judgmental and very matter-of-fact.  They know we are not alike.  They see it, comment on it but completely accept it.

When I talk to young children, I hope.  I hope that they will look at older generations and think, “No. That was wrong.”  It could be about a lot of things.  I look back at older generations and think, “No. That thing about children being seen and not heard was wrong.”  I think about years ago and think, “No. We cannot waste resources like that.”  Some of us remember when smoking cigarettes was considered elegant, the dangers of drunk driving was not a discussion and it was a battle to end segregation.  No – none of that was acceptable and even when we stumble, the vast majority of us know that.

I hope that today’s children will know that everyone has a right to belong.  Everyone has a right to love. In the end, I hope they stand for the fact that we have to find a way to come together and to support each other because #lovewins.

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