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Tips for Teaching Children to Feel Proud of Themselves

From the time children are very young, they look to others for reactions to their endeavors.They giggle and look to see if we are giggling, too.They toss an object and wait for our smile and applause.It is a child’s first step toward developing a sense of self, figuring out the appropriate boundaries of behavior and learning about verbal & non-verbal communication cues.While these interactions serve a purpose, they should not become the only means by which a child determines his/her own worth.
From the time they are preschoolers, children need to be taught to feel pride in their efforts and accomplishments.They need to know that they have talents and gifts.They need to feel secure in what they bring to this world with or without the approval of others.There will be times in their adult lives when feeling secure and having integrated their worthiness will serve them well.
We can help children to integrate pride in their endeavors. Instead of saying, “I am proud of you,” tell children …