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Dear HBO & Sesame Street Producers: Did you really fire Bob, Gordon & Luis?

Dear HBO & “Sesame Street Producers:
Is it true?Did you really fire long-time beloved people – Bob, Gordon & Luis – from the cast?I read the article “Sesame Street Axes One, Two, Three Favorite Human Characters” on and I still can’t believe it. I am hoping that it is somehow wrong.
Your educational experts must know that today more than ever, children need to be learning from people.Children need to be experiencing the verbal and non-verbal communication that only people can provide. It is fun to watch non-human characters on television and other screens but only humans can teach young children about human interaction.I have read research about the impact of screen time on the speech development and non-verbal communication skills of young children.Take the people out of “Sesame Street” and you take an important learning tool from children.The interaction of people on your show was one of its best features.
Children also need to learn that people older than them h…

Are Children REALLY Growing Up Faster Today? Or Has the Emphasis Just Changed?

I love doing touristy things and I enjoy re-doing them now that my children are grown.I loved taking my boys to learn about different places and now, without two young children in tow, my husband and I have discovered that we never really heard the tour guides.We must have been busy making sure our boys were listening, not touching what wasn’t allowed, seeking out restrooms…. Now we tour and are struck by what we weren’t paying attention to in the past or what had less relevance in our lives at that time.
This year, we relaxed in the mountains of western Pennsylvania and decided to revisit a coal mine tour that we had taken years ago.I remembered how deep underground the tour took place.I remembered the conditions being dark, dangerous and unhealthy for the people who had mined there for so many years.This time, however, I was dumbstruck by the information about the role of children in the mines.
Young children, as young as 6 years old had to work at the mine to help support their famil…

The New Pokemon Go Craze: Is It All Bad?

“Augmented Reality” – there’s a phrase I certainly didn’t grow up knowing.In fact, if I would have heard it before this week, I would have assumed it was caused by alcohol or drugs.Apparently, it is merely caused by a free download to a smartphone.From what seems like out of nowhere, Pokemon Go is everywhere – filling my social media newsfeeds, in mainstream media, taking over conversations and causing people everywhere to be even more endlessly staring at their smartphones.The role of GPS has taken on a whole new dimension as players find area appropriate Pokemon on technology instead of collecting Pokemon cards.
My social media feeds are also filled with polarizing opinions - people are harshly criticizing this new craze while others urge people to download the app and start playing.It seems to be a “you love it” or “you hate it” situation.Either the new technology will be destroying children and families or it will be saving them.Could it really be so terrible or so great?
I have bee…