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Do Your Children Strive To Be Perfect? 4 Life Lessons to Reduce The Pressure

Far too many teens have told me, “My best isn’t good enough.”Our young people are getting a message that they cannot measure up.No matter how hard they try, it isn’t going to be enough.I tell them that all the world can expect is their best effort.“No,” they tell me, “The world wants more than I can do.”
Messages about our capability and our development of a sense of self begin in early childhood and continue to bombard us throughout our lives.Glorious is the day when we are at an age when we can accept our own strengths & weaknesses and no longer give merit to the opinions of others.I think that time comes for many of us in middle age – that moment when we no longer care what other people think of us.I wonder if today’s teens will ever get there.The messages they are getting about unachievable expectations are so ingrained and defeating.We need to do better for them and for children currently in their early childhood years.Here’s a start: Teach our children that they can fail and…

Today’s Generation Gap: Respect

A reporter called me to ask for an op-ed piece addressing the topic, “What Has Happened to Respect.”The reporter said that he was contacting several well known speakers in the field of education & parenting to ask why we think children have less respect for adults than in past generations.I believe that in every generation, people of my age disapprove of differences in the attitudes of youth.I wondered, however, how younger people see themselves.I have now had multiple groups of teens tell me that they agree – their generation has no respect for adults.They say that their peers do not respect authority.In my small sample, I was surprised to learn that the generations agree in a change of the level of respect and they agree that it isn’t good for our society.
Why the change in attitude toward each other and those in authority?We learn so much of our world view and socialization lessons when we are very young.In order to figure out what might have changed, we need to look at the ex…