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Today is…. An Abstract Concept: Why Are You Teaching Calendar To Preschoolers?

I travel from school to school as a consultant and nearly everywhere there is some version of the Days of the Week Song.Parents often ask if we are teaching very young children – as young a 1-year-old – the days of the week.Why are we so obsessed with transmitting this piece of knowledge?Why is it so important to us that children can recite, “Today is Monday” even when they cannot understand it?
Today – the idea of today – is an abstract concept.Young children learn through hands-on activities and they build their knowledge based on what their senses encounter.They cannot see “today.”I cannot hand them “today.”It has no qualities that would engage the early learner’s brain.They cannot pick up “Tuesday” and examine it to determine where to file it in their knowledge base.
According to Jean Piaget who identified the four Stages of Cognitive Development, children begin to understand the general concepts of past and future between the ages of 2 – 7 years old. As someone who has worked in ea…