Family Reset: Purify More Than The House During Spring Cleaning

When spring begins, we naturally start to purify.  We pack up winter wear and start cleaning up the stale air in our homes.  We scrub, buy new items and prepare for newness as the earth comes back to life.  This renewal can be more than steam cleaned carpets and a fresh coat of paint.  It can be a chance for us to renew our relationships.  It can be when we take a deep breath and hit reset after months of emotional hibernation.  There are many ways to hit the family reset button. 
The reset button on a computer breaks out of the usual, routine operation and starts it fresh.  Get out of your daily routine. Take a walk.  Go somewhere fun. Make a plan to spend time together doing something engaging and out of the ordinary.  Break the loop of behavior and reactions.

Computers have an algorithm for starting fresh – a plan to do it without complications. Have a plan for restarting your home life.  Talk to your family members about starting fresh.  Everyone can take a deep breath together and plan to talk more, spend more time together, be calmer.  Decide together what each person can do better.  Even when you ask very young children what they can do better, they do find something.  Ask how they can help the family. They know how they can be helpful family members.

I would imagine that a freshly reset computer has no plan to go back to a state of crisis.  Have a plan so that you don’t easily slip into old habits either.  A plan isn’t real until it is in writing.  Ideas that are not committed to writing are simply that – floating ideas.  Write your goals for the coming months and post them where you can see them.  Have a visual reminder that your spring cleaning included a family renewal for a fruitful, beautiful spring and summer.

For more information about writing goals family goals, read Family To-Do Lists: Not At All About Groceries, Appointments & Errands.

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