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“Stop Whining!” – Tips For Dealing With A Whining Child

I have raised two children and taught many more. If I had a dime for every time a child whined, I would be a wealthy woman.There is something about whining that makes our ears hurt and our skin crawl.Adults often over-react because we simply cannot stand the tone of voice.A child whines.We get upset and say a little to sharply, “Stop whining!”The whining just tends to get louder and angrier. We have further frustrated an already frustrated child.We become annoyed and frustrated ourselves.When we try to correct behavior and it continues, we need to try another way.
When a child whines and you feel those little hairs stand on end, you may have more success by consistently responding by telling your child: Take a deep breath.  Your child is whining because he/she is upset.  When we are upset, our breathing becomes shallow and our heart rate increases.  The brain gets a message that something is wrong and it is harder to control our actions and reactions.  Getting your child to take a deep…

Space to Grow: The Importance of Shifting the Boundary Walls Around Children

I once had a fish I won at a carnival.It was taken home in a small bowl.My father came home from work one day with a bigger bowl and told me to watch what would happen.The fish grew!My father then put the fish in a tank and it grew even more.He said, “Many things are like that.They grow according to the space they are in.”My mother did the same with plants, I noticed.When she replanted in a larger pot, the plant grew.Having spent nearly 20 years in the field of education and having raised 2 children to adulthood, I can tell you that the same is true for human beings.Given the space and healthy environment, they do grow.
As parents and teachers, it is our job to encourage children to the next level.That next level is a new understanding of the world.They may stumble on their way.They may fall back and have to climb again but, if the walls are too tight around them, there is nowhere to go.They cannot move.They do not grow.They have no chance to rise to the occasion.
It is through our t…

Family Reset: Purify More Than The House During Spring Cleaning

When spring begins, we naturally start to purify.We pack up winter wear and start cleaning up the stale air in our homes.We scrub, buy new items and prepare for newness as the earth comes back to life.This renewal can be more than steam cleaned carpets and a fresh coat of paint.It can be a chance for us to renew our relationships.It can be when we take a deep breath and hit reset after months of emotional hibernation.There are many ways to hit the family reset button. The reset button on a computer breaks out of the usual, routine operation and starts it fresh.Get out of your daily routine. Take a walk.Go somewhere fun. Make a plan to spend time together doing something engaging and out of the ordinary.Break the loop of behavior and reactions.
Computers have an algorithm for starting fresh – a plan to do it without complications. Have a plan for restarting your home life.Talk to your family members about starting fresh.Everyone can take a deep breath together and plan to talk more, s…