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Today’s Generation Gap: The Technology Addiction

An entire generation is in denial.  My generation, the technological immigrants who sailed into the technological age and had to adjust to the new culture in order to survive, is in denial.  We bemoan the constant use of technology.  Teachers of my generation struggle to get students to put the technology away.  Parents shake their heads and retell poetic stories of having to go to libraries and look through card catalogs.  We tell younger people to turn off the phone, the computer and the tablet.  We send a message of generation gap when we say, “Stop texting and reading email – enough!”  We are, however, hiding our own technological addictions.  We aren’t admitting it.  We are addicted, too.
I attend an unusual number of professional conferences each year.  I am a frequent presenter I believe, in part, because I am engaging enough to actually get the people to put their technology down and listen.  I like to walk into other presenters’ sessions and speeches to gauge audience reacti…

Today’s Generation Gap: The Great Food & Nutrition Debate

There is a generational divide about nutrition and food.  I have become acutely aware of it over the past year.  A series of events has caused me to try to solve a puzzle – why is are so many people my age (including me) working so hard to get past our food issues & lead a healthier lifestyle while simultaneously struggling with the good and right nutritional rules set forth by educational communities?  If we know that we struggle, why don’t we want better for our youth?  What compels adults to continue to treat food like love?
For the past year of my own healthier lifestyle journey and the journey of my school toward a healthier environment (which by the way was a request that came from parents), I have been researching, observing and reflecting.  I hope that by sharing my journey, you learn a bit about you and about the mistakes that we perpetuate with our students and our own children.  
I have personally been working very hard to change.  I am adhering to a healthy, balanced …