When You Look At Your Children, What Do You See?

It’s a busy, hectic world.  Everyone is running here and there as they try to keep up with the demands of work, marriage, parenting and other responsibilities.  We run home, make dinner and ensure homework gets done between dance or sports or other lessons and appointments.  Everyone is in the same frenzy – adults with their responsibilities and our children with theirs.  It is easy to forget to take a moment to stop and really look at our children. 

Take a moment and look at your children.  What do you see?

Look at your children.  They are being the best them they can be.  They may be struggling.  They make mistakes.  They are the best they can be at this moment.

Look at your children.  They seek your attention because it is part of what they need from you.  They need clothes, food, shoes and your undivided attention.  They need you to smile at them so they know you see them amid the busy-ness.  They need to feel the connection to the most important people in their world.

Look at your children.  They are growing and becoming more independent while you are the keepers of the memories.  Watch them for the “remember when…” moments and the “I will never forget when you…” stories.  Memorize who they are at every age so you can give your recollections back to them like a gift.

See your children.  They are the best and worst parts of you and some original parts that will take them to new places and new experiences beyond your imagination.  They are deserving of all of the wisdom, hugs and encouragement that you can give them.

See your children look back at you as they move simultaneously toward and away from you in the struggle to walk their own paths with one arm reaching back for you.

When you look at your children, what do you see?

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