When I See Students, I Remember….

Cindy Terebush, CPC, CYPFC

I am a busy woman.  I wonder if I am, in fact, too busy.  I am the Director of Schools at Temple Shalom in Aberdeen, New Jersey – yes, that means all of our schools from the early learning center thru 12th grade.  I am a credentialed instructor of adults and provide professional development lectures and presentations.  I am a Certified Professional Coach with a Certified Youth, Parent, Family Coach specialty. 

I am often knee-deep in paperwork and budgets.  Math was never my thing and I grab calculators thinking of the irony.  

I put myself out there.  All of my experience, knowledge and creativity is often lying on the table in front of you.  I do that knowing that I cannot and will not please everyone. It is the ultimate risk taking.

I am in the position of not only hiring and mentoring great teachers but also having to sometimes change their lives by ending our professional relationship.   When I have to do that, I wonder why I like this career. 

I do my best to provide a school that nurtures children and reaches every learner.  Some of their life stories & needs break my heart and I wonder why I want to be so entrenched in so much humanity.  

I also spend time lecturing, providing professional development presentations and facilitating parenting workshops.    On the show “Once Upon a Time,” they say that all magic has its price.  Success is like magic.  It has a price, too.   I have stood in the wings waiting to be introduced and wondered what my family is doing at home.

When I see students, I remember why I do this.  I do this because when I see them grasp a concept, take pride in their accomplishments and jump up with a new idea, I have had the honor and privilege to touch the future.  When I see adult students  – an audience of school directors, teachers or parents – nod in agreement or say that I have impacted the way they think, I remember why I do this.  I touch the people who touch hundreds of lives.  People thank me but I am eternally grateful for all of you.   I am truly blessed. 

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