Gather Your Children - There is Good News on TV!

It is so wonderful to put on the TV and see good news.  The birth of the new Prince of Cambridge will have little impact on our everyday lives but it certainly can help to offset the barrage of bad news that usually floods television coverage.   Gather your children and show them that good does happen in the world and the media can actually report it.

I look forward to seeing the children who attend our Early Learning Center Summer Camp tomorrow.  I wonder how many of them will know about the birth.  This birth is the stuff their Disney movies are made of come to life.  The next week will be full of English tradition and ceremony as we await the announcement of the baby’s name. 

There is so much young children can learn from this event.  Here are just a few of the lessons this good news can bring:

Princes and princesses are real.  We are the keepers of truth for children.  They cannot always distinguish reality from fantasy, real from impossible. It is this inability to distinguish reality and fantasy that affords parents years of fun with Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and unicorns.  It is hard when we watch our children discover that the tooth fairy isn’t real.   Today, we get to show them that princes are really born in some parts of our large world.  There are kings and queens and princes and princesses.  Unicorns don’t exist but royalty is real!

Tradition should be respected and carried on.  Upcoming days will be filled with royal traditions.  From the formality of the birth announcement, to the town crier and the ceremonies ahead, we have the opportunity to witness the continuation of tradition in a way that is very relatable to our children.  We can discuss with them the beauty of carrying on tradition in this circumstance and in our lives.  The scenes ahead will open a door to discuss the carrying on of tradition in the world and in our families.  It is a great conversation starter about the things our families have done for years during holidays and other gatherings.

Families from all over the world are both different and the same as our families.  The royal family, so far away from those of us in the USA, has many of the same family members as our young children.  They live in a palace and we do not.  They may speak somewhat differently than we do.  They live very far away but the new prince has grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Every year in preschool, we talk about families.  This is a perfect time to reinforce that people can be different but, in so many ways, we are the same. 

News can be good.  After a year of hurricanes, increased violence and other frightening events, it is so refreshing to bring children into the room to watch the news rather than protect them from it.  Every birth is full of joy and hope for the future.  How nice to be able to gather our families – young and old – to celebrate and speculate about the future. 

I hope that during the upcoming days, parents take the opportunity to call their children into the room to see the ceremonies and learn of the baby’s name. I think tomorrow will be a perfect day to read books about princes and princesses as we ask our preschool campers if they heard the news.  A happy thing has happened – a prince and princess in a land across the ocean have a new baby prince!

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